Sunday, October 10, 2010

Submission Hunt

My first tournament experience was good.  The experience that I got was excellent, and the way the tournament was run was a bit slip-shod (i.e., a shitshow), so it averages out to good.  I got three fights--two in my weight division (middleweight, 170 to 184.9lbs; I came in at a trim 178), and one in absolute.  In reality, I should have tapped at the beginning of the absolute fight.  My conditioning is still in the larva stage, and the second fight in my division really sapped me.  But I wanted as many fights as I could get, and I signed up for it, so I stepped in there and took my loss standing up---er, rather, face down in his wicked back mount.

Video evidence below.

1st Middleweight

2nd Middleweight (2 parts - tied up after 5 minute regulation period, so 1 minute more)


As is probably obvious, I'm most proud of the first match.  The second one, though, I can live with.


  1. AWESOME job. Really enjoyed watching the first fight. Sexy triangle.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looked ghost! The guy you fought in absolute had sick moves! I have my first tourney in two weeks. Fingers crossed I don't get hurt!

  3. Gotta love the I-phone auto spell. Great misspelled became ghost...that's what I get for commenting after a couple glasses of wine!

  4. Good work, sweetheart! You withstood all those balls in your face really well.
    Love, your wife.