Friday, October 15, 2010

BJJ Everywhere

@ Work:  sometimes you have to file a motion that you know you are probably going to lose because it improves your position for settlement negotiations.  If you don't make the motion and set the schedule, then your opponent has no reason to fear coming out on the wrong end of a decision.  Translation:  if you don't commit to the first attempt at a sweep, then you won't force your opponent to defend and open up your secondary option.  (This came to me while I was working on something at the office.  I decided to leave it here, as it's pertinent to the recurring themes here.)

Open mat tonight.  I feel like I'm just going through the motions today.  I didn't embarrass myself, I don't think---some of the guys that I usually have decent rolls with just wrecked me today.  I went with a new guy who is the same rank as I, and roughly the same size as well, so that was nice.  It's difficult to find someone who's both, so it was a good experience.  Brady gave me some good work, I helped Andy work his half-guard passes again.  But again, my mind was not entirely in it.  It was good to get the work in, and I think I did some things right, but I couldn't recall them for the life of me.

The night did have a nice surprise.  Damian was teaching some of his students a pass for when your opponent has his knee shield up and his bottom leg hooked in half-guard.  He called me over to make sure that I learned it in order to be able to show it to Klint.  So that told me two things:  a) I'm shedding that "outsider" label that everyone gets the first few times in the academy; and 2) that the instructors respect and trust me (this one is more subtle and subdued).

That was a nice cap to an otherwise mediocre rolling session.  Here's to hoping the morning brings fresh inspiration and attention.

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