Saturday, October 30, 2010

Less Bad

Class today was pretty small; Tony, Ed (with my freshly-added scar), me, JD, Jeremy, and new guy (Ron? Paul?  I don't remember).  Eventually, Ed's daughter Melissa and Gina showed up.  Started with high-crotch takedowns, right into a smashy low pass that snaps open your opponent's half-guard, then went to Klint's most recent position:  in side control, you control his near-side elbow with your leg-side arm, and then put your thumb into his collar for a cross-choke, and take knee-mount.  Up there, your next action depends on your opponents.  If he pushes up with his arms, you take his elbow home and put it on your wall.  If he rolls into you, you shoot your other hand under his near side and sink in the choke.

In class, the rolls were alright.  I was paired with JD, so we went fairly hard.  We're about the same size, he's younger than me (I had to tell him that JUST is a Radiohead song from 1994, and he told me he was 4 years old at the time), and we like working hard.  Found a power sweep, got to the top, was happy.  Next I went with Tony, the purple.  And again, he didn't pass my guard, but I didn't get to where I wanted.  I tried a leg-loop sweep, but he was savvy to it.  I played my guard a lot, but I also maintained it, so I felt good about that.  Ed was last, and I think my youth and inexperience is beginning to be a problem for him.  Right as I got to the position we were working in class and was about to knee-mount him, Klint called time and we had to stop.

After class, JD grabbed Klint and I worked a bit with Melissa.  She said she wanted to go light, and that was good for me, as I have my new goal to implement the feedback I got on Tuesday about not being a bad training partner.  So we went light for like 20 minutes.  I think I did much better than I would have before Tuesday in terms of staying calm, not forcing anything, allowing both partners to work a position.  I.e., not hogging all the development for myself.  Melissa is a good bit smaller than I, a blue belt.  Gina was nearby giving her tips during the roll.  I focused on my stack pass, mostly, and figuring out what to do with my opponent's hooks when she was playing open guard.  Because that is hard, and I'm not good at it.

Again:  advances, none miraculous.  But I think it's a good return and I can't wait to add to it on Monday.

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