Monday, August 23, 2010

So Close

Andy almost tapped me today. Almost. It's going to be a big milestone for him when it happens. I started training three months before he did, and we both started after becoming huge fans of MMA. So he's become a monkey on my back, always fighting a little harder in hopes of securing that first tap. On me, that is; he taps other white belts every day. Not me yet, though--with one exception, and we both agree that one doesn't count. Across town, apparently a pair of brothers train, one of whom has been there maybe six months longer than the other, and the first time the newer one taps the older one, the older one pays Damian (their instructor) $100. From what I hear, their rolls are epic.

Tonight's class was a bit scattered and dull, but the rolls after made up for it. Jeremy taught in Klint's absence, taking us through something of a half-guard pass. We had a brand new guy, though, and Jeremy's concentration was torn between giving the three of us there something to work on and giving the new guy attention and instruction on the basics of jiu jitsu. Eventually, I went over and acted as the new guy's dummy, which was fine, but by the time class had ended, I hadn't worked up anything resembling a sweat.

So after, we did some 50/50s and trained for a little bit. I worked with Andy first (caught him in that same shoulder-lock in transition that always catches Vance) and then with Jeremy. I made it a conscious effort to try attacking from the start rather than pulling guard and looking for a reversal. In general, it didn't work that well. But that's why I made myself do it--because I'm so happy pulling guard and working with my legs that I need to spend some time on my top game. Eventually it will all even out, but I still need to log those hours. Jeremy was very complimentary of both Andy and I at the end (after rolling with both of us for about 10 minutes and watching us roll against each other again). It's amazing how much more you can do if you make the conscious effort to keep moving. First off, you create a lot more space, and that opens many, many doors. But it's tiring. I don't really have tons of time to devote to enhance my cardio outside of training, so I'll just have to focus on being more efficient (as well as everything else).

I'll miss tomorrow's class because of a beer engagement--it's my birthday, and my wife wants to celebrate it. Which means taking me away from training for a night. I'll live with it and hit it hard again on Thursday. Besides, beer is good.

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