Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Evolution In Progress

Class tonight--this week we're working on half-guard. Tonight we worked passes from the top (other than the three he'd already taught us). "Floating" on your opponent while in half-guard (neither elbow nor hip touching the ground for a post) racks the nerves. Good technique, though, and definitely something that I want to get some time practicing.

Rolls during were with Beard John, Andy, and Zach. Beard and I---I don't remember how it really went. I know he was in my guard for a while, but I don't remember what happened. Andy and I were going at a good clip--I was focusing on keeping my pace deliberate without being slow and paying attention to technique. My failed arm-drag and weak sprawl turned into him on my back. I stopped his arm from getting under my neck and rolled into the choke, ending up in his guard. He still hasn't tapped me, and that is killing him. I don't imagine it will be long, but I'm going to postpone it as long as I can. It's a great test for both of us. Zach I choked and got to side mount before we stopped.

After class I rolled with Stan. I can tell how useful open mat has been and how much it has taught me. I'm giving Stan a much better fight, and even being offensive for more than 3 seconds during a roll with him. I think I have a better gas tank than a lot of people and that helps me get out of bad spots when they start to tire. I even tapped him, which is a first for me. It wasn't really a clean tap--I mean, it was a shoulder-lock in transition off my back, but I thought it would distract him and let me get his back rather than cause a tap. Not complaining--I'm happy that I can see those opportunities present themselves--but I would feel more of a sense of accomplishment if I controlled him, got to a dominant position, and finished from there rather than catching an arm in a scramble. He did have me in side control a decent amount, but not as much as I've been in it of late. Also, I had a lot of success hipping out and bringing my leg over the top between him and me. Just keep moving--that's what Jeremy keeps telling me. Who knew he'd be so right?

I turtle a lot. And I don't particularly like the position, but it gives me a sense of security in that I have more control when I'm turtled than I do when we're spinning around and he's trying to get to side control and I'm trying to sit out (something that is far from second-nature, let alone third- or fourth-) and get to his hips. In that mess--especially against someone with wrestling experience like Stan or just plain old quicks like Andy--I'm uncomfortable and a step behind, so I duck and cover. That is an area that I will work in the coming months. And it's going to suck. Lots. I also got to test out my new gi, a KEIKO RACA 2010 white limited edition. I don't know what makes it limited, as every outlet seemed to have it in stock. But it was my first night with it. It's a bit big, so I'll dry it and try to get it a bit smaller. The pants are a great length, and it's light. I'll probably review it in a few weeks after I've rolled with it. It did, though, get the christening of my blood tonight. I need to wear something between my gi and me. Even though it feels weird and wrong. Because blood on white is a little too stark to ignore. And it may or may not be less than sanitary.


  1. I've been thinking of picking up on one of the Keiko Racas, since they're supposedly good for tall, thin builds. Looking forward to your review.

  2. I have had two Keikos. I'm neither tall nor thin, but the A1 fit me just fine once I shrunk it a bit. I find the sleeves to be a bit flappy and big though, people can always get a hell of a pistol grip on me and even trap my poor paws inside my sleeves at times. Interested to hear what you think.