Friday, August 27, 2010

Mixed Bizness

To be fair, this post contains nothing whatsoever about business. Or even bizness. Just a name that I thought fit.

Open mat tonight was interesting. Kind of. I started with a blue belt that Beard John brought with him. His had super short sleeves (which confused and bothered me), so any wrist grips I wanted had to be no gi grips. Which means that I've never practiced or trained with them. Which means that I tried to roll with a blue belt without using wrist grips. It was strange. Eventually, he was trying to pass my guard and his knee dropped from two feet up right onto my sternum, so we were done. He wasn't trying to do damage, and he wasn't going for knee-on-belly, he was slicing his knee through from standing and just dropped right onto it. It still feels strange and achy now, but part of that is probably the original injury and part is the fact that I kept rolling. Because I am either very tough or surpassingly stupid.

I worked with Josh next, controlled him for fifteen minutes but was unable to finish him. I have to figure out whether I want to use the body triangle as my go to or if the belt-line hook with the other foot on the hip is going to be it. Go waxed by Tim next. I was trying to keep moving and not let him get me flat. It almost worked once or twice. He's training for NAGA next weekend, so he wasn't holding anything back. All the same, I landed one hook sweep and got him to turtle once. Went with Michael last. I'm a lot bigger than he, so I focused on going slow. Part of the reason he had trouble is the 50 pound weight difference.

Returning to the aggressive blue at the beginning....I don't know whether I should take exception to something like that. Yes, it was a fierce move and from where he was and what he was doing, it had a high likelihood of ending badly for me in an uncontrolled manner. But really, we're training fighting. It isn't knitting, it isn't Swedish massage. It's going to hurt. We try to break arms and dislocate joints and choke people until they pass out. Really, I probably just have to sack up and get better so that I'm not in the position that someone's knee might pop a rib right by the sternum. So there's that.

Brenna's mom is in town this weekend, too. They're back to the fair tomorrow, and I'm back to class. So more tomorrow. And hopefully, a little more worthwhile bloggery from me.

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