Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Hiatus

I'm in my hometown, visiting family.  I trained Monday night before we rolled out Tuesday morning.  We worked on triangle entries from a few different positions.  Klint said that the focus of the week was going to be triangles.  I regretted immediately that I was going to me gone all week.  Triangles are natural for my legs to snap on.  I was planning on having a no-gi session with my oldest friend who is a police officer and has been training MMA for (I think) two years.  Sadly, he took ill and canceled on me.

So I'll miss training for a week.  But that makes me hungrier and I'm dying for some mat time.

Still, it's holiday time.  Enjoy your family (however extended and blood-related), enjoy your loved ones, and I'll see you on the mats early next week.

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