Saturday, November 6, 2010

Weekend Recap

I missed making an entry after Thursday and Friday.  I was a bad blogger.  It happens every now and then.

We worked self defense, wrestling entries, another flow drill (scissor sweep to lazy guard recovery to butterfly guard sweep to upa and roll), and did more positional drilling.  Worked with JD again after class, and we seem to have our rhythm down.  By that I mean that we are roughly the same size and skill, and our rolls are hard fought and satisfying.

Andy and I worked with Klint, too.  And he decided that today he was going to wreck us with speed.  It wasn't like his technique was lacking....he just tore through us round after round.  We put up solid, technical resistance as best we could, but it was like a talented pony leaguer facing Mariano Rivera---it was only a matter of time.

Friday, New Jon had a promotion to get his first stripe, and instead of going to open mat, Andy and I went to give him people to fight with.  As a trade off, we got as much mat time as we wanted afterwards.  Of course, I knocked my elbow and bailed much earlier than I would have liked, because that's how my luck has broken lately.  So we called it a light session and found barstools at the Muddy Pig.

This morning, class was the same setup.  Colin was there, and that's always entertaining.  High crotch entry to the step-back dump; then from the bottom, grip break to foot on hip to shooting armbar to triangle when they stack you.  After that, more positional drills.  Mount, side control, guard.  Those in attendance were Tony, Ed, myself, Colin, and Neal.

Afterwards, the old guys just started talking, so I worked with Neal.  Started in his mount and went from there.  I went slow, working technique, getting him to try to calm down.  I'm actively trying to work specific things i rolling, especially when it's Neal.  He's 4 weeks in and even though he has a huge martial arts background, it's a different world.  And he doesn't breathe.

So it was a good few days.  Deadlines and finals and briefs will completely screw up my schedule for the next few weeks....something like 2-3 times a week instead of 4-5.  Weak.  These grades better pay off.

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