Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mat Time

Open mat last night, class this afternoon.  Enough guys there to get some work in, but most of the upper belts were busy so I ended up rolling with mostly white belts.  Nothing wrong with that.  I worked with Matt, then Matt again, then Renato, then Brady a little bit.  I was able to focus on finding the subs that we learned on Monday, and I worked getting to the back as often as possible.

This afternoon, we worked on half-guard escapes and sweeps.  What I am terrible at is getting on my side when in half-guard or the wrong end of side control.  I can get to the underhook and work my legs into a good position, but I think my hip movement is atrocious.  So that's something to work over the next few months.  I trained with Klint and Zach after class, and kept having the same problem.  I'll make sure to ask Klint for some tips o Monday.

Today was the first chance i had to break in my new gi, a Shoyoroll Batch #7.  My immediate reactions are a bit mixed....the shoulders are cut pretty huge.  I've got wide shoulders, but it seems like the cut is for NFL-type shoulders.  I even shrank it before using it.  It might change with some use, so we'll see.  THe pants are exceptional--long and reinforced in all the right places.  Also, the gi material is pretty soft, so it's got a leg up on my Atamas.

Next weekend we go to Arvada, Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with my wife's dad and step-mom.  I had to miss two practices this week, and it was too many.  We leave, on Tuesday, though, so I've done some research and I'll spend at least one session at Easton BJJ, only 15 minutes from where we're staying.  So that's pretty awesome.  It will be my first traveling jiu jitsu experience.  Any tips you guys might have are more than welcome.

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  1. I've visited three other schools. Tips:
    1. Call or e-mail in advance. Not required, but good to let them know you'll be in town and would like to stop by.
    2. Be prepared to pay a mat fee. Could be up to $25. Cash. Support the school.
    3. Arrive early. At least 15-20 minutes early. You'll likely need to fill out a waiver and it's poor etiquette if you show up "on time" but the Professor has to deal with your paperwork while trying to get the class going.
    4. Keep a low profile. Observe and respect their customs. I was quite surpised how different things can be. For example, one school didn't let you go barefoot in the bathroom or lean against the walls. Another school required that you ask permission before entering and leaving the mats and wouldn't let you lay down on mats or sit on the benches while in a gi. Just be careful to observe. Getting there early will help learn by observation.
    5. Don't call out the black belt and ask to roll. Although think it is really cool when the Professor makes it a point to roll with visitors, i think it's presumptuous to expect it. Let him call you over to roll.
    6. Take it easy, especially when working with people you know you can dominate.
    That's all I can think of now...btw, I'll be visiting a Relson school in Hawaii next week so these are good reminders for me too. Have fun!!!