Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Reviewing

Last night was more review.  It is always nice to have a week of review after a few weeks of techniques.  It reminds me that the purpose of this art is first and foremost self defense.  We worked a headlock defense, two bear hug defenses, we pummeled to remind us to get the underhook for control.  After that, we worked a smashy butterfly pass and the side control escape from bonus head control.....the pass was new, the escape was not.  That didn't make it any easier, of course, but good nonetheless.  Then we did more 50/50s, starting in mount, then side control, then we were out of class time.

Started with JD immediately after class.  Once again, we were pure bastards to each other.  In the best way, of course.  I wasn't able to successfully use the smashy pass that we learned in class, and I got mounted again, but he wasn't able to finish me, and I got back to guard.  It took me longer than I would have liked; I can tell that I need to improve my mount escape.  I got back to closed guard, and eventually found an armbar when JD stood up.  It was a good 5(ish) minute roll, but once again, I was on my back working from guard.  I love working my guard, but I need to work top more often.  I guess against JD (and Andy), it will be less likely until it improves, but it's something I need to remember.

After that, I worked with Neal (the new Jack Russell terrier), and I was much much nicer than I had been.  We worked a lot of positions, and I tried to help him keep breathing and got probably 15-20 minutes of work in.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to treat new students the way that Klint treated me when I started.  Of course, I got worked, but I also had a lot of learning opportunities.

Sorry for the short post, but school and work demands keep me from sitting and pondering any longer.  I'll be back on the mat Thursday and get something down here shortly thereafter.  Same on Friday open mat and Saturday noon class.  In closing, here's something that I heard in an interview with John Danaher:  "It is very very rare that someone becomes more unhappy by the study of jiu jitsu."

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  1. Like the quote, so I used it for my fb status. Hope you're planning on getting the nogi worlds on ppv (only $10 from Budovideos!) and watching that on Sunday... man is not meant to study law ALL the time.