Sunday, September 19, 2010

Status Update

A few things before I disappear for the next few days:

1) My back and neck are feeling infinitely better than they were last week.  I expect that I 'll be able to convince my lovely wife to let me creep back into class one day earlier than the doctor suggested based on the combination of this and my next issue.

B)  I have an appointment to have a wisdom tooth yanked soon.  The dude doesn't even have the common decency to knock me out first--I'll be conscious, though mildly anesthetized.  Really, I hoped they would be able to just hit me with a hammer and rouse me when they finished, but apparently that's not the done thing anymore.  The functional result of this is that I'll probably have to miss another handful of classes.

3)  Law school classes, while infrequent and at this point only mildly interesting, still demand me to produce work and devote time.  Thus, the sudden infrequent nature of my posting.  All will be well (if not well, then at least better) after this weekend, but that's all I can foresee from my present vantage.

Review of my Keiko Raca is still coming, as is at least one musing on the effect my jiu jitsu has had on the rest of my relationships.  But now, back to the fake brief and the dullness that will encapsulate me for the next five days straight.

1 comment:

  1. As Professor Leo Santos told a fellow white belt who complained of minor tendinitis in his elbow, (Insert Brazilian Accent here and paraphrazed) "Do you like jiu jitsu? Then do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Better to miss a couple weeks than a few months or more." As he said to me when I chose to sit out some drills due to knee injury, "Good! Do what you can and no more until you are better."