Thursday, September 9, 2010



So Tuesday, Colin put me in a can opener. And it sucked, but it wasn't horrorshow. Stan also stacked me pretty well, but my neck and back were fine when I left. When i went to sleep, it was a bit sore, but nothing unbearable. It got worse throughout the day, and it was OK today. Not wretched, but noticeable.

Some might think that a normal person would have skipped practice. Those people are wrong. Warm ups went fine, but the first shot I took doing single leg drills tweaked something. Then, as I was laying down to put someone in guard and it took me 2 minutes, I decided to take class light. I didn't play dummy for any gi chokes thank god, but it just kept getting worse.

Now, I sit at the bar with what must surely be a 2 inch metal rod shoved from my middle back to the base of my skull. I can't even slouch without pain, let alone sit in posture. So we'll see how this shakes out overnight. With a bit of luck, I'll be semi-normal by Monday. I'll address when to return to class when I feel mobile again. Until then, I'm putting myself on the DL. Send beer and movies.
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