Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Hate Rules

Here are my matches:

Weight 1:

Weight 2:

Weight 3 (bronze medal match):

Absolute 1:

Absolute 2:


I'm happy with where my jiu jitsu is, if not with my tournament performance.  I felt that if there were no governing rules or scoring system -- if this were a sub only tournament, for instance -- then I would have won every match.  I never felt out of my depth, I never felt sideways.  I was in a bad spot once or twice, but I never felt threatened.  And I didn't gas, which was a nice realization.  (Though I'm sure someone will tell me that it just means I wasn't working hard enough.  I will tell that person to pound sand, but that's a different post.)

So here's some more of my jiu jitsu.  Enjoi.

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  1. Congrats, oh lawyer-who-doesn't-like-rules.

    Hope the great gestation is going well, too :)