Thursday, August 4, 2011

Roll out

This week has been pretty OK for training.  I got to class Monday and Tuesday, got to train for a bit after both of them.  We have a new guy who has started taking class, a karate black belt from the other side of the school.  (I say the other side of the school--our academy is in a room of a karate school, the school that Klint started a handful of years ago and sold.  He is still the head black belt instructor over there, which requires him to be at all the graduations and give all the instructors one class a month, but his main teaching focus is jiu jitsu.)  He came in chin-up, pretty jonsed, full of confidence.  When rolling, he came at us like it was the world championships.  So it gave me a chance to work some push-pull sweeps, some top control, some reaction and flow training.  It was great fun for me.

I've talked with a few guys about the difference between jiu jitsu and karate training, and why we can't get more guys from the karate school to come over and take jiu jitsu.  It sounds cocky, and I definitely don't mean it to belittle karate or karate fighters, but I think jiu jitsu is more physically taxing.  It's harder; at least, the way that our schools teach and train.  So we'll see if this kid sticks around.  I hope he does, I hope he takes the opportunity to learn some fine control of his movement, rather than relying on explosion the entire time.

Really, I just want to spend every night training.  I wish I could mak this a job, something that I could use my law degree to benefit.  The idea of instructing some time in the future has popped into my head intermittently in the last few months.  It is a few years away still, but it's definitely somewhere on the horizon.  I want to be much better than I am before I hold myself out as qualified to teach others.  I have a lot still to learn from my training partners--I'm still a young blue belt, six months in.  I have a long way to go.  The other reason is that B and I got a kid on the way, so my attention will be sufficiently distracted in the next year or so.

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  1. Whoa! Congrats on being an expectant parent! I am happy for you both. Me and Mitch are trying to make this happen for us too. Wonderful times, wonderful times. Best wishes for you three! :)