Monday, August 22, 2011


We didn't move far, but we've certainly moved into a new apartment.  So most of my training last week was lost to playing tetris with couches and bookcases and boxes and our piano inside a u-haul.  I would say it was great, but it wasn't.  So I won't.

Now, though, I should be able to get back to regular training.  Class tonight was a few more open guard setups, working to get the sweep off the power sweep (or the tripod sweep, or whatever name your academy decides to give it when you hook one knee, cross grip a sleeve, grab the ankle and kick the hip).  Klint keeps surprising me, showing us new setups for attacks that we've been working over the last few months.  One sweep is a great and unexpected entry for the clock choke, for example.

I don't really know how our academy survives.  We have probably seven regular, dues-paying students.  I know that teaching jiu jitsu is not Klint's main source of income and that one of the reasons that he does it is that he actually likes the students he currently has.  This is great for us--we get top notch instruction in consistently small classes.  I don't know how it affects our learning though, because we don't have a lot of guys to train with.  We tend to learn each others' games and work to adapt to them, figure out how to beat one guy.  i've worked hard to get past that, but I don't see my teammates doing the same thing.  Some do--a certain few make time to train across town with new people.  Others, though, don't.  I don't know whether this is just because they have an actual life that can't take second place to jiu jitsu as often as mine currently can or because they're not interested or because they're scared.....I have no idea.

More flow drills, please.  And some training partners to boot.  That's all I want this year.

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  1. Hey Chris, this is Jon, tall guy from class. I don't know if anyone has heard but I received word that I would be deploying with very short notice. Since August 18th I've been at Camp Ripley going through pre-mobilization training, and I will be in the Middle East in less than a month. Unfortunately I never had a chance to come in and say goodbye to everyone. Do me a favor and give Klint and all our classmates my best. I hope to come back next year. If any of you guys want to, feel free to add me on facebook. Best of luck to you brother, keep training hard. And tell Klint after his instruction Army Combatives couldn't be easier, I'm already up for level 2.