Saturday, July 31, 2010

To Be In Awe

I sat out takedown drills today. My knee is seriously strange and worst when driving for a takedown, so I figured I would ensure that I could do groundwork by sitting out the takedowns. I got a strange sideways look and questions from Klint, but I think it was the right choice for my body. Plus, I got to watch how other people approached single legs. But really, today was all about Jeremy.

Jeremy is a purple, and wicked awesome. All-American National Champion wrestler in college, he competed in the Pan Ams this year as a blue belt and won both his weight and the absolute. Rumor has it that Lloyd Irvin was in awe of Jeremy, as he took down every single one of his opponents. At one point, someone asked Jeremy and Klint what the set-up would look like at speed, and I swear to god, if you had blinked you wouldn't have seen his set-up and shot. He has monster skills, and he might be 160 lbs, 5'10", and the nicest dude you'll ever meet on the street. Apparently, he's also 6-0 in professional fights.

I also watched this video this week, Marcelo Garcia rolling with Ben Askren.

Marcelo looks like he's moving in slow motion. And he's just wrecking Askren. The choke at the end is nothing short of obscene. I'm wondering how best to approach my own game when watching people whom I want to emulate are light years above me. I can't move too fast, at least at the beginning, because I'll miss some of the finer points of the technique. I can't take forever setting up the technique and getting my grips just so, because everyone at the academy will eat me alive. I guess it's just more and more mat time. Bonanza chokes don't just happen.

Rolls went well today. Went up against Ed, and old blue belt. I went to guard after not being able to turn my grips into anything, and worked my ass off in guard. I got one tap, and he got into side control the second time and ended up choking me somehow. It was a good roll; I swept him with my omoplata again, but my under the knee grip is not really conducive to finishing the submission right now, The guy rolls before I can sit up and scoot out. With Ed, I was able to establish side control without sacrificing my neck or my weight. But the sweep is working, even if I can't finish the submission. I taped Zach a few times and New John and I finally rolled a bit.

Belt test Friday, so I will dedicate most of the week to the threads and drills that I need to know. I'll miss the rolling, but it's possible that I'll be able to get some rolling in during class or a few 50-50s after wards, trying to get to specific techniques.

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