Friday, February 1, 2013


Of course, once I decide to re-commit to this, I tweak some cartilage in my ribs the following night while training.  Which is awesome.

So now I have an upcoming belt exam, and I can't really train properly. A mentor of mine is telling me to take some time off (as is Klint, to be fair) and let it heal....but as anyone who has met me can tell rather quickly, patience is not my long suit. I've broken out the stim unit and I'm using that every few hours. Though I'm fairly uneducated with it and I have no real idea where to place the contacts so that it shocks the correct place in my ribs. Does that stop me? Of course not. Trial and error. We'll see whether I go to class tomorrow, and if I do, whether I do anything there or just sit there staring like some lost puppy wishing I could be on the mats.

On a separate track:  I have learned very quickly and effectively in the last few months how small and close-knit the American jiu jitsu community is. A training partner of mine told me he was moving down to Austin, TX, and asked if I knew anything about jiu jitsu academies down there. I, of course, do not, but the ever-knowledgable (and fellow legal professional) Georgette Oden knows all about Texan jiu jitsu, so I sent Kyle her way. A week or so later, Georgette messages me to tell me she met Kyle at class and was more than happy to help him find a new home academy. Then Bear Quitugua, Shoyoroll's president/founder/CEO/etc added me to a Jiu-Jitsu/Craft-Beer Crew group on facebook, which also has a handful of other Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu students on it. I may or may not be the only midwestern representative, but I'm sure that won't last.

So I'm apparently out of training for at least tomorrow, and possibly a bit longer.  I won't be able to train properly (i.e., full resistance) for quite some time, I'm sure.  But I'll be drilling and working back to it slowly.  I hate injuries.

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  1. We've loved having Kyle around, he decided to join my team Gracie Humaita Austin! And he and Sarah were very gracious about my sin-ugly enchiladas last week. I'm glad you sent them my way.

    So heal up those ribs and plan a trip to Austin... ACL? SXSW? we have lots of craft beer enthusiasts here too.... :")