Saturday, February 26, 2011

The General

Fabio Gurgel, head of Alliance, is holding a seminar at the Edina school this weekend.  And I cannot go.  So instead, today I am making lessong plans for teaching high school children and tomorrow I'm doing more of the same.  Because money is fungible.  And food is more important than training with the General.  Just barely, but it is.

Klint is gone for a month learning Dave's Guerrilla Combatives, getting certified so he can train police and soldiers in it.  While that means we won't have a black belt instructor for a month or so, it also means that we'll have the opportunity to train with a handful of the upper belts.  Chris (purple), Tony (purple), Brady (purple), and Gina (brown) will be covering Klint's classes.  Klint describes Chris as having a great "old school" game, and while I'm not entirely sure what that means, it should be fun.  Tony is a cop, a former wrestler and powerful as hell.  Brady is probably 140 lbs, curly-q mustachioed and lighting quick, and Gina is 110 lbs of kick-ass.  So it should be a fruitful month.

Training has been very good lately.  I've had successes, and I've hit roadblocks that I'm still looking for detours to avoid.  I'll put more down later.  But I've not forgotten this space.

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  1. haha i ate soup for weeks to fund my jiujitsu habit lol luckily i have an instructor thats lenient with me and my fluctuating funds but i know how it feels.