Monday, June 20, 2011

Not Dead Yet

Still alive, still training on a very regular basis.  Training to the point where my wife tonight asked me when I would be able to give up a night or two a week of training.  Because she thinks I'm there a bit much.  I'm not saying that she's wrong, I'm just saying that I like it.

Klint gave me a few jiu jitsu guys to find videos on and watch over my spare time.  You know, those fifteen minutes between sleep, bar class, bar studying, bartending, and jiu jitsu-ing.  That's right, I'm taking bar prep classes (to take the bar to become a lawyer) and working at a bar (a mainly alcohol-serving establishment with multiple tap lines of fantastic beer) this summer.  So keeping bar class and bar prep separate from bar fun is a linguistic nightmare.

My jiu jitsu is moving forward.  I think.  It's not stagnant, so that's good.  But, as always, it isn't progressing as quickly as I think it should, and definitely not a fast as I would like.  My blue belt is getting some hours put on it, but we just finally started incorporating some flow-drilling into our class time and post-class training, so the last two training sessions have felt fantastic.  It finally felt like I was doing something right, like the time I was spending on the mat was for more than just repping the techniques that I'd learned that day and seeing how it fit into my game as it now existed.  Instead, it was seeing where my body wanted to go and what opportunities that opened up.  I found out that I like taking the back more than I knew, and that knee-on-belly is going to be a position that I love.  I found out that my triangles are good, but not where I thought they were, and that I need to work my sweeps.

So I'll be watching Abmar Barbosa, Romulo Barral, and Kayron Gracie for the next few days.  Probably with a little Rafael Lovato Jr. thrown in for good measure.  Need to hammer down this guard work.  I'm on a hiatus from guard submissions for the next month.  It's all about working my sweeps and controlling the top position once I get it.  I think.  I'm not quite sure, we were talking it out over text message.  Hopefully tomorrow night will shed a little more light on my training goals for the next month.

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